On Trump’s Transgender Military Ban.

Trump sure does love using Twitter doesn’t he? I mean, he wouldn’t admit to it. He even said in an interview with Fox News: “I don’t like tweeting. I have other things I could be doing.” Those ‘other things’ are proving to be increasingly scary as time passes.

Despite his apparent distaste for tweeting, Trump decided that Twitter would be the best platform to announce his newest decision with regards to the US military. No official letter, no press conference, just three simple tweets, explaining that, after “consulting with my Generals and military experts”, Trump had decided that transgender individuals will not be accepted or allowed to serve in the U.S. Military “under any capacity”.

It has now been revealed that the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other military officials had no idea Trump would make such a statement over Twitter. This is hardly surprising, given Trump’s tendency to not give much thought before he types anything on the site (read: covfefe).

Clearly though, not only did Trump not think about how this sudden announcement on Twitter would cause turmoil amongst military officials and his press secretary, (who could barely answer the questions thrown at her during the last official press conference), but Trump also failed to take into consideration how this vague and sudden statement issued over a social media site would come across amongst transgender folk and their friends and families.

Such a confusing and indefinite announcement have left so many wondering, what now?According to UCLA researchers, there have been an estimated 150,000 transgender individuals serving in the U.S. military, around 21% of the transgender population (more than double that of the general population). How will such a drastic measure change the shape of the military, and how will it affect the lives of trans people serving or preparing to serve in the military?

For now, much is uncertain, but one thing seems clear to me: this announcement from the President shows just how little compassion he really holds for the people he claimed he would protect during his campaign. Whatever he truly thinks about transgender people, whether or not he really thinks they are a “burden” on the U.S. military’s resources, he will do what he can to gain respect from Republican elite, he will continue to make rash, hurtful decisions such as this, and will continue to post them on Twitter to watch the shit-show unfold.


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