Fears I Have About Turning 20

*quarter life crisis intensifies*

  • I can no longer use my age as an excuse to do stupid things/be lazy as I am no longer technically a teenager and therefore should know exactly what I am doing and not make mistakes.
  • I’m now “in my twenties” as opposed to “in my teens” which has wildly different connotations and implications in my mind.
  • I’m just realising that in about two years time I will fall off the educational conveyer belt by finishing uni and be left entirely to my own devices which is scaaaaary.
  • I am entering a new decade of my life, and in 5 years time will be considered at the “quarter stage” of my existence which I am wholly unprepared for and terrified by.
  • My metabolism will continue to wither.
  • I’m not ready to stop being a teenager/child. It’s the only thing I know how to do (kind of).
  • I have a constant nag that I have wasted my youth in various ways i.e. not making enough close friends, not taking enough time to discover my passions and wasting important opportunities.
  • Will birthdays feel the same? Probably not.
  • Will people expect different things from me now? Probably yes.
  • Bills, mortgages and other important adult documents will become ever more present in my life and will no longer be something I can leave my parents to deal with.
  • Being unimpressed or unmotivated is not cool, it’s dumb.
  • When people say “time flies” I’ll actually start to physically panic about my mortality.
  • I’ll start to think about death more.
  • What am I going to do with my life?

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