The First

Where to start? Hmm.

I figured saying exactly what I was thinking would be a good place to start when it came to writing an opening post on this blog. So yeah, that’s what I was thinking: where to start.

I’ll start with my name. That seems sensible. It’s Maddie, and I’m currently studying Religion, Philosophy and Ethics in London (bit of a mouthful, but I can assure you a very interesting course). Like many 19 year olds I’ve been going through a quarter-life crisis of sorts since leaving school and no longer having the reassuring hand of compulsory education, and have been using my gross amount of free time doing a mixture of drinking, attempting to improve my social skills and questioning what it means to be an actual *adult* person and not just a child mindlessly studying for exams in the hope it will help them somehow.

The main topics that interest (but also confuse) me the most revolve around gender, feminism, religion and other human-y-related things. A blog seems a good place to store my thoughts and feelings about these things, to try and sift through them in an attempt to make better sense of the world around me.  Although in reality, this will most likely end in me angry and even further bemused. Enjoy!

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